What's the difference between Rose Quartz & Xiuyan Jade Stones?

by Tanase Tudor on October 25, 2018

Because of all the virality, we're having right now on Instagram (@maykosbeauty), Website and Amazon, through our amazing friends & influencers, we got loads of questions with "When will you launch a Rose Quartz Kit, I waaaant one!"

We want to respond you to this questions right now, in order for you to know the exact difference and benefits.

1) They both look amazing, so if you're a fancy person (which I believe you are) you will want to have both!

2) Jade Stones are part of Ancient Chinese culture, and had two functions:
a) Weared - in order to protect them from bad spirits and increase their inner Chi. Jade is assumed to have only one owner, and protect only one! Will get darker if it changes the owner (is real, we tried it!)
b) Usage - because of the cooling property, is used for all types of skincare treatments, and massages.
matykos xiuyan jade balls
3) Rose Quartz is a part of Egyptian culture, it was initially used by Goddes Isis. Because the only source of water for Egyptians back then was the Nile, there was an infection in the water and people kept getting sick. So, she tumbled lots and lots of rose quartz stones in the Nile, in order to purify the water so the Egyptians can drink clean water.
Also, it has two functions:
a) Weared - it helps to purify the toxins in the body, by absorbing them. If you ware one, you will notice that will get darker in time.
b) Usage - It was used in skincare and in building bathtubs, sinks for the rich ones in Egyp. Helps detoxify the skin, and clear the pores.

matykos rose quartz balls

4) Both of them have quite the same structure and coldness property. Also, as we compared, the Jade Stones are a bit more resistant to shocks, because they are mined from a deeper depth, and the pressure made them thicker.

Both of those stones have huge benefits on skincare & energetic sides. They are also super pretty, and if you're a skincare tool enthusiast, you should get one of each for sure!

Right now, we're only commercializing the Jade Kit, but in near future, we will launch the Rose Kit as well.


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