What is a Jade Roller?

by Tanase Tudor on June 22, 2018

The Jade Roller is an ancient Chinese skincare tool used as a jewel for thousands of years to protect the wearer, and to chase away the bad spirits.

Not long ago, it was discovered that the cold property of the Jade Stone can be used in the skincare industry, and can help you with relaxation, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

There are two main types of Jade Stones that are used in the skincare industry. The Serenite, and the Xiuyan.

Serenite is the most common one, but is quite fragile and doesn't have the same quality, and have lots of stone impurities.

Xiuyan Jade is more resistant and a better stone quality and appearance. 

Most of the Jade Rollers have two heads that you can roll over your targeted area. We recommend you to use the big roller to the larger areas and the smaller one over the smaller areas (under eyes, eyes, lips).

There are two types of the metal holders that you can have on a roller.

1) The normal metal holder, that most of the jade rollers have. This one you can't take the bigger roller out to wash it, and if you wash it quite often, after some period of time, it starts to rust.

normal jade roller

2) The bendable metal holder is the one that we use. Because you can easily take the bigger roller out, wash it and place it right back in for another use. Like this, you can keep the water away from the metal holders, store the bigger roller in the refrigerator separately.

Using the roller on a daily basis you will have the following benefits:

1) Closes enlarged pores;

2) Reduces fine lines, and wrinkles;

3) Reduce puffiness around the eyes;

4) A relaxing, homemade massage after a harsh day of work.


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