5 Skincare Benefits Offered by Jade Stones!

by Tanase Tudor on September 13, 2018

   As you probably now, Jade Stones aren't a breakthrough in the skincare industry, they've been used for more than 2 centuries in Ancient Chinese practices, but recently (2 years) they have been publicized and used frequently by skincare enthusiasts and influencers.

   There are two types of benefits that you will have when using Jade Stone products. Energetic and Skin Benefits.
   For the Energetic benefits, we will discuss more in another day, because those are not facts, and we like to talk about facts.

   Soooo, here are the 5 Skin Benefits that Jade Stones offer to the user.

   1) Boost collagen.
The cold surface of the stones and the pressure that you will apply when using the products will boost your natural collagen production;

   2) Better product absorption.
The jade treatment will help stretch the skin, open pores and will empower your product absorption; (you must apply some pressure here until the petechiae start to appear)

   3) Amazing relaxation tools.
You can use both tools for the face and body. Will improve your posture, relax your targeted area, and unwind your nerves;

   4) Reduces puffiness and fine lines.
Because of the chilling surface of the stones, your undereye bags will reduce over time, and your wrinkles will improve as well;

   5) You can use it daily, without any side effects.
Because this treatment doesn't harm the skin in any way, (only if you use the gua sha and apply lots of pressure) you can use the tools on a daily basis whenever you feel that you want to.

There are lots of other benefits when using Jade Stones in your skin routines, but those are the most important ones.


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